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Blog - FUN for everyone!

The blog for Pros and HOs

Ok everyone.  This page is is going to be my blog where I will be discussing a wide range of topics from tips for HOs (Home Owners) and Pros (The folks you REALLY want to hire for your jobs.

We are going to talk about products, service, choosing and dealing with contractors etc. (Hey wait!  I thought this page was going to be fun?)


Fishing, and hunting adventures, grilling and cooking outdoors and sometimes indoors. (Like most plumbers, cooking and especially grilling have become a big hobby and passion for me)  I will share some of my favorite grill recipes tips and tricks and even a disaster or two to make you a better outdoor chef. (Or at least get you braggin' rights at the next cook out.)

On the bottom of the page, I'll have links to some of the great things I discuss here and you are welcomed to e-mail me your questions that just might be the next blog topic! Check out the links and PLEASE click "Like" to let people on Facebook know about my blog!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Why plumbers cost so much.
This month in PHC News there is a GREAT article on page 22 written be Richard Di Toma about employee costs, expansion etc. it will help a lot of you better undertand your employee costs! PHC News is a free publication and I highly recomend you subscribe if you are in the plumbing and heating business. If I ever re-write the book, I will ask permission to include this article - It's that good!

It will help you understand your actual labor cost (even if it is just you) and help you understand why you seem to be always working so hard and actually taking home so little even when you are charging what seems like a lot of money.

You HO's out there, if you get your hands on this artice, you will understand why those rates seem high.  They are, but it's not because the plumber is raking it in, it is because cost are a lot higher than you know and without beoing able to make a profit after covering the cost, you would not have any plumbers to call when you need them!
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