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Blog - FUN for everyone!

The blog for Pros and HOs

Ok everyone.  This page is is going to be my blog where I will be discussing a wide range of topics from tips for HOs (Home Owners) and Pros (The folks you REALLY want to hire for your jobs.

We are going to talk about products, service, choosing and dealing with contractors etc. (Hey wait!  I thought this page was going to be fun?)


Fishing, and hunting adventures, grilling and cooking outdoors and sometimes indoors. (Like most plumbers, cooking and especially grilling have become a big hobby and passion for me)  I will share some of my favorite grill recipes tips and tricks and even a disaster or two to make you a better outdoor chef. (Or at least get you braggin' rights at the next cook out.)

On the bottom of the page, I'll have links to some of the great things I discuss here and you are welcomed to e-mail me your questions that just might be the next blog topic! Check out the links and PLEASE click "Like" to let people on Facebook know about my blog!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer's gone, fall is here. What are you putting off?
This week has bought cooler weather to central VA.  The trees are starting to change, the acorns are falling and even though there are hopefully a couple fishing trips left to take, thoughts are turning to hunting season.

I’ve been busy too with setting up a you tube channel you can check out that has some fun cooking videos on it as well as some things related to shooting bows, hunting, etc.  You can check out the you tube channel here:


So, we have a new pellet grill coming.  A Royal  Tailgater model won off of a contest on Facebook!  Thank you to Ken Fisher of “date night doins for two”, and Matt Kouba of Royal Grills!  I look forward to getting it set up and cooking on it.  I’l be posting videos for sure!
Fall Tips:It won’t be long before winter is here either. 

Right now is a slow time for people in the HVAC industry.  Now is the time to have your heating system serviced and don’t forget your gas fireplace if you have one.  They need cleaning too!  Maybe last year you thought about adding a blower or remote to it.  If you use a wood burner fireplace or woodstove get that chimney cleaned!  There are hundreds of preventable chimney fires every year because people overlook this!
Maybe your old boiler barely made it through last season. 

Now is time to get that stuff done.  Don’t wait until its 10 degrees outside and it conks out on you.  You’ll be without heat for days because everyone will be booked up.  You may even be able to cash in some rebates that are out there.  Whatever you have been putting off, get it done before the cold sets in.

So get out and enjoy the fall while preparing for the winter and getting ready.
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